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Streets of Rage Remake v5.2

Streets of Rage Remake v5.2.

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NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info Title_11

NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info New_me10

Here is the list of new remixes and original tracks for v5.2 thanks to BGM1401:
05. The Prologue
06. In The Bar
08. Up and Up
13. Moon Beach
25. The Super Three
30. Bulldozer
31. Too Deep
33. Alien Power
34. Dilapidated Town
40. Wave 131
45. Waterfront
47. Stealthy Steps
48. Beatnik On The Ship
51. The Poets II
77. Beat Ambience

Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 contains approximately 300 additional bugfixes, tweaks, gameplay improvements, and new features over the original v5.1 release. Download the full update at the ink below.

Main New Features of Streets of Rage Remake v5.2.

- Full 16:9 widescreen support for the main game and for Sormaker mods
- 15 New tracks (both remixes and original) from BGM1401
- New scenes added and graphics updated throughout the game
- All new intro and updated graphics for endings, main menu, and shop
- AI has been hugely improved, providing a better challenge and better balance
- Achievements added
- Overhauled menu layout with submenus and all new options
- Choice of Remixed or Retro OST

Some new scenes in v5.2:
Water Fountain
NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info Lhnxt72

Wastelands (Walking)
NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info 5QCdfnh

Jetski Ride (Island Hopping)
NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info WgpzHT3

Please take some time to read the bugtrack to see all of the bugfixes, game improvements, and new features of the v5.2 build.

I will update this topic with the main new features, screenshots etc. as we find them  Very Happy


Important info for Streets of Rage Remake v5.2: DO NOT use an old save file from previous versions of the game. It is recommended to start a fresh save with v5.2.

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